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GEMINI SoftwareGemini Software Solutions is a 100% export-oriented IT and IT Enabled solutions-providing company owned by Yusuf Bin Ahemd Kanoo Group of Companies, Bahrain, GEMINI is based in one of the leading software technology parks in the world-Techno park, Trivandrum, India

GEMINI's goal is to maintain and grow a culture of engineering and customer service excellence through a continuous process improvement program. Hence, the philosophies that drive us are based on our vision "To Deliver Cost Effective Quality IT Solutions On Time Every Time"

We were externally assessed for CMMI Level 3 in May 2005. Over this period, GEMINI has learned to successfully deploy the proven process across the company in multiple domains. GEMINI is in the process of continuous improvement. We have regular internal assessments to ensure compliance with all CMMI Level 3 key process areas. We have extended our CMMI Level 3 processes to not only the software development division, but also the Design and Drafting Division-the first of its kind in the entire world!

Benefits of being a CMMI Level 3 Company

  • Lower Project Cost
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Decreased Software Defects
  • Improved Project Schedule Prediction and Adherence

Software Design & Development Division

GEMINI Software Solution's Software Development Division provides IT Solutions for worldwide market. GEMINI has several years of experience in project and product based development. Our solutions are implemented with quality process that adheres to CMMI Level 3 standards.

  • GEM FINANCIALS is an easy-to-use, powerful, versatile, accounting system.
  • MIS is a powerful too for management reporting and analysis.
  • AGENCYNOW: Empowers the Shipping Agents to capture call information, crew & cargo details, register services and generate operational & management reports
  • AGENCY WORLD: Web Based application for principals, owners and interested parties to view ship call information like Call Details, DA Details, Crew Change status, etc captured in the AGENCYNOW system. Additionally, facilitates on-line registration of service requests to the shipping agents.
  • Air-Fare Search Engine: A powerful tool for travel & tour operators worldwide, that provides a user-friendly data capture facility of airline contracts and enables retrieval of best fares based on multiple search criteria like destination, date of travel, preferred airline, preferred class, etc.
  • Hotel-Fare search Engine: A power full tools for travel & tour operators worldwide, that provides a user-friendly data capture facility of hotel contracts and enables retrieval of best fares based on multiple search criteria like destination, itinerary, number and salary details of the employees.
  • CLAIMS A versatile system for the motor insurance surveyors to record survey findings on a hand held device like HP lpaq.

Design & Drafting Division

GEMINI,s Design and Drafting division is armed with architects and engineers having excellent academic background. GEMINI's Design and Drafting Division holds the rare distinction of being the only architectural division in the world to be accessed CMMI Level 3. The graphic and layering standard are adopted for preparing production drawing as per the client requirements.

Business Support Division

We are team of qualified professionals with vast experience in domains such as travel & tor operations, where we analyze contracts and populate relevant database to enable end-users to effectively and efficiently retrieve information.

Hosting Services Division

Hosing Services: GEMINI's Hosting Services Division functions with the sole mission of keeping business-critical applications up and running all the time.

Technical Support:

The Technical Support division offers prompt and accurate solutions for the hosted application related queries.

Contact - US

Mr. Rama Rao

General Manager

414/415 NILA,

techno park Campus

Trivandrum-695 581,

Kerala, INDIA

Tel: +91 471 2527555

Fax: +91 471 2700979